Semlor at Scandinavian Kitchen

Easter Eats ~ Semla at Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen is a cheery little enclave of Scandinavian cuisine just off Oxford Street. Easter there means one thing…..semlor. Feast your eyes on these buns:

Semlor at Scandinavian Kitchen
Semlor at Scandinavian Kitchen

Semlor are a Scandinavian delicacy – a cardamom flavoured cream bun stuffed with marzipan. In a similar way to Christmas pudding, semlor are seasonal and only eaten during the period up to Easter. Traditionally, these are normally eaten on Shrove Tuesday, when people stuff their faces ahead of the 40 days of fasting for Lent. I don’t have a sweet tooth and I’m not a fan of cream or marzipan so when I read the description my mouth wasn’t really watering one little bit. Then I spotted the tray on the counter and knew my life would be unfulfilled if I didn’t at least taste one.

semla at Scandinavian Kitchen
semla at Scandinavian Kitchen

Oh my DELISH. A lightly spiced, fluffy scone meets bread-like pastry filled with airy vanilla flavoured whipped cream and an almond paste with the merest non-offensive hint of marzipan. Just scrumptious. The semlor are freshly baked every day at Scandinavian Kitchen and sell like hotcakes. I watched as soon as the tray was put out, within minutes they were gone. You’ve got until Easter Saturday to get your hands on these buns. Run don’t walk. Then waddle afterwards. Semla bun, £2.95, Scandinavian Kitchen, 61 Great Titchfield Street, London W1W 7PP

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