Natural Beauty: Spotlight on Intelligent Nutrients

Intelligent Nutrients is an organic and natural beauty brand that I’ve been interested in exploring for a while. They have eco-friendly credentials coming out of their ears. The company uses organic food-grade ingredients in high-tech formulations. The whole range is manufactured with 100% renewable energy and ALL post-tax profits go to environmental and social causes. Talking the talk and walking the walk.

I had the chance to ask Jane Pyatt, who heads up Intelligent Nutrients in the UK, a few questions to get the low down on the company.

Jane Pyatt - Intelligent Nutrients
Jane Pyatt, UK Sales Manager, Intelligent Nutrients

Wonderlusting: Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients, seems to have been quite a trailblazer. Did you ever meet him and what was he like? 

Jane: I have been extremely lucky, and met him on several occasions, a truly wonderful human being. Horst was a true pioneer in every sense of the word, when he created Aveda, there was no other beauty range like it. Back in 2011, I asked him in his kitchen/apothecary at his ranch in Wisconsin, how he compared Aveda with Intelligent Nutrients, his very words to me were, “with Aveda I learnt my art, but with Intelligent Nutrients I perfected it”.  

Horst was a very spiritual man and put his whole self into everything he created. A keen environmentalist, scholar and of course, cosmetician, Horst’s mission was to educate people on what they were putting in and on their body. If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it on your skin! A simple philosophy, but it works. 

Wonderlusting: Who is Intelligent Nutrients aimed at? 

Jane: Everyone of us, if you are living you are eligible. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, whatever we put in and on our body must be nutritious and safe. 

Wonderlusting: Why is it important for Intelligent Nutrients to use food grade ingredients? 

Jane: The origin of the brand is to use food grade certified ingredients, by being food grade, USDA certification can be obtained. Also, the power of plants, berries and other ingredients grown in nature, work harmoniously with our human bodies and are readily received into our hair and skin. 

At Intelligent Nutrients, the whole DNA of our brand is in a 5-seed powerhouse complex that is made from raspberry, cranberry, red grape, black cumin and pumpkin, all of these ingredients have incredibly high antioxidant properties that are beneficial to our hair, skin and health. This complex, known as the Intellimune Complex is to be found in every single product that we make. Antioxidants neutralise the effects of free radicals, which if left alone wreak havoc with our bodies, resulting in premature skin ageing and visible stress to our hair and skin. 

intelligent nutrients_intellimune_oil

Wonderlusting: Why is certification important? 

Jane: Certification gives a product its pedigree. Whilst a brand may claim to be organic unless it has certification you can’t guarantee that it truly is. When a brand earns a certified seal from a certifying body, it’s almost like receiving an award for being the best. 

Whilst there are many different certification bodies, all with varying benchmarks, some really shout the purity and efficacy of a product – these being USDA, Soil Association and COSMOS. Intelligent Nutrients has been awarded seals from all of these bodies. 

There are other forms of certification as well that really shout the values of a brand or product, Leaping Bunny (ensures no animal cruelty or animal bi products) and also GREEN-E, this shows the products are made using 100% renewable energy – the whole process is as pure as it can be. 

Wonderlusting: Where are the ingredients sourced from and what is Intelligent Nutrients’ sourcing policy? 



With Horst’s passing, rather than being a source of IN ingredients, the farm and land is now part of a large three-part pollinator sanctuary project with the University of Minnesota Bee Lab. We have created a specific product where proceeds from the sale of them will go directly to the foundation to support such projects. Plans include habitat for wildlife, training sites and research projects for other pollinators such as butterflies, bats and birds.

We choose the power of plants versus chemical creations. We source our ingredients from all over the planet by land, by sea, by lab. We have 5 key sciences that are the backbone of ingredient sourcing and formulation development: 

1. Intellimune Antioxidant Super Seed Complex 

2. Plant Stem Cell Science 

3. Plant Bioactives 

4. Algae Bioactives 

5. Active Aromatic Oils/Essential Oils 

We work very closely with our vendors and farmers to plan and forecast our needs to ensure availability on these very, crop and climate dependent ingredients. This planning also helps farmers plan for the demand and financial sustainability. 

Wonderlusting: Intelligent Nutrients uses plant stem cell technology extensively. Please explain the science for dummies! 

Jane: Plant Stem Cell technology is possibly the way most beauty products will need to go one day. We are all fully aware that the resources of our planet are under huge threat of being exhausted, PSC affords the continual reproduction of the ingredients that we need whilst saving 1000 gallons of water per kilo of ingredient. This system is also climate change resistant and non-contributing. The DNA of the plant is continually reproduced, called a meristem culture – the clever bit is rather than grow a whole field of crops, you just grow the part of the plant that you need – no waste. It isn’t genetically modified either as we do not tamper with the plant, we just grow the part that is needed. 

The other bonus is that the potency is up to 1000 times more powerful than in traditionally grown ingredients so our skincare and haircare deliver the best results available.  It’s a win win, we get the best results, we also save the planet. 

Wonderlusting: What is your absolute favourite product in the line? 

Jane: For skin, it has to be the Revitalising Moisture Crème . This moisturiser delivers a pump size dose of pure hydration, in fact you will have a 6000% increase in skin moisture, after 2 weeks use! It also diffuses fine lines and firms my skin. Favourite for hair, I couldn’t live without PureLuxe shampoo and conditioner – packed full of Amazonian butters to intensely treat dry, frizzy or unruly hair, my hair drinks up the goodness. 

Wonderlusting: Any new products or developments in the pipeline for 2016? 

Jane: We are awaiting the arrival of our brand new Body care regimen called ONEBODY.  A 3-step regimen to cleanse, refine and hydrate our bodies, whilst working on stubborn cellulite, leaving you with a smooth, refined and firmed silhouette. 

Beautiful ingredients such as Brazilian Pink Pepper, green coffee extract and algae bioactives are just a few of the ingredients working hard with your body to deliver maximum results. 

Obama has just made it law that no more plastic microbeads are to be used in beauty cosmetics in the US, as they are making their way into our oceans and our marine life are consuming them too. The Body refiner in ONEBODY uses plant cellulose as the exfoliating agent which is fully biodegradable and promotes a plastic bead free aquatic environment. 

Wonderlusting: What does “natural” beauty mean to you personally? 

Jane: It means nothing to me. Petrol is a natural occurring substance, would you want to rub that into your hair and skin? For me, the label has to say ORGANIC, and then I look at who has been awarded certification. It’s the only way to differentiate in the marketing jungle that is beauty cosmetics. 

Wonderlusting: What is your top non-product related beauty tip? 

Jane: Sleep and hydration

Some really fascinating information there. Green beauty and science are often pitted as opposites and here Intelligent Nutrients are showing how they work in harmony.

I’ve had the chance to try the new OneBody range and will be reporting back next week. There’ll also be the exciting chance to win some goodies so do keep an eye out next week and follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

Have you used anything Intelligent Nutrients?

For more information on Intelligent Nutrients visit



  1. Great Qs and in depth As. A wonderful interview!

    While I know of the brand, I’ve been, no pun whatsoever intended, effortlessly lusting after it for a longer while. The range is not fully available over here, and the rather dusty bottles that sit on a local green deli’s shelves don’t look inviting because they might as well have sat there for years 😦

  2. A wonderful interview! I have been trying their shampoo & conditioner for colour treated hair and for me, their shampoo is one of the best I’ve tried. I have their Moisturising Crème that Jane mentioned too so I’m looking forward to trying that too!

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