Ultrasun Eye SPF30 and Hand Cream SPF30

Ultrasun Launches New Sun Protection Products

Spring sunshine is here hurrah! Meaning sun protection is back in the spotlight. Now I know that rain or shine, you should be using sun protection year-round. My challenge is that my ridiculously sensitive skin struggles to find sun creams that I don’t react to.

Ultrasun SPF
Ultrasun new launches

One brand that I can trust not to send my skin into a tizz is Swiss, sun protection range, Ultrasun. Ultrasun uses a mix of physical and chemical UV protection in their high tech formulae and leave out perfume, mineral oils, silicones, emulsifiers, preservatives and other irritants that have been shown to cause the most reactions in sensitive skin. Broad spectrum defence against UVA, UVB and Infrared rays are all covered to Australian standards, considered to be the most stringent in the world.

They’ve recently launched five new products including higher SPF options available in the tinted face and body as well as glimmer formulas. The two that stand out for me are the hand and eye creams.

Ultrasun Eye SPF30 and Hand Cream SPF30

Experts say that sun damage and skin ageing are inextricably linked. The two areas that I know I don’t protect from sun damage and are thus the wrinkliest are my eyes and my hands. The eyes due to squinting, smiling and ridiculously sensitive skin (they’re watering 60% of the time) and hands because I am constantly washing them and don’t bother to re-apply.

Ultrasun Hand 30SPF Anti-Pigmentation, 75ml, £18.00

“Fast-absorbing, non-greasy, non sticky UVA and UVB (spf30) hand cream with gsp-t for infrared protection, lamellar technology and innovative anti-pigmentation ingredients – ideal for sensitive skin prone to pigmentation.”

This hand cream offers sun protection as well as a sun spot treatment.  I apply once a day first thing on to clean skin.  The cream goes on white but rubs in quickly to be invisible on my dark skin so no chalky fingers. It takes longer to rub in if my hands are wet so I always make sure they are completely dry. I find that the cream absorbs quickly so I can pick things up soon after use with no greasy paw prints. It moisturises my crocodile skin so I have no ashy areas but it doesn’t make my hands feel particularly softer.

No added fragrance, which is good for us sensitive types, does mean that it has a rather medicinal smell. There are claims of a visible brightening of existing pigmentation in just 14 days. Though I know pigmentation is harder to tackle in darker skin tones, I’ll be putting it to the test and will report back. I think of this purely as a treatment and use accordingly once a day for sun protection then use normal hand cream during the day as usual. This is not to be repeatedly reapplied during the day.

Ultrasun Eye SPF30 15 ml, £18.00

“Advanced combination of lamellar broad-spectrum, mineral filter spf30 protection with gsp-t for infrared protection and biophytex®. Restores optimal moisture levels, reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and dark circles around the eye area. Features incredibly fast-absorbing, lightweight and non-greasy textures.”

I haven’t seen many dedicated eye SPF creams. The area around the eyes are the thinnest skin on the body, the most sensitive and moves the most so needs a hell of a lot of protection. This eye cream is designed to protect without irritation as well as lighten and brighten dark circles. I was a little wary the first time i tried it (I am the girl who had to wear dark shades to a wedding once after a bit of suncream got in my eye and my face blew up). Phew – absolutely no reaction each time I’ve used.

This is a zinc oxide based physical sunscreen. Zinc oxide is a white powder, so like most physical sunscreams that means that it does show on darker skin. With this you need to use a tiny amount as it’s easy to go overboard. Use too much and you will get reverse panda eyes.

Ultrasun SPF30 Eye review
This amount of Ultrasun SPF30 Eye is enough for both eyes

When rubbed in you can see that there is a little bit of a cast to my skin colour. I usually apply concealer on top so it doesn’t matter and it gives a bit of a highlighting effect.

If you’re particularly sensitive like me it’s good to have this option for added protection for the eye area.

Ultrasun can be found at numerous stores including QVC, Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, House of Fraser, Waitrose, Superdrug, Ocado and directly at ultrasun.com

NB: includes samples provided for review purposes.

  1. Hi, love Ultrasun, been a fan for several years. Just bought the anti-pigmentation hand but the eye cream looks great as it’s such a sensitive area along with the lips.
    Heidi x

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