Odylique natural sun screen spf30

New 100% Natural Sun Screen Launches – Odylique Natural Sun Screen SPF30 Review

My skincare is all natural and organic except on the SPF front as I’ve failed to find a natural/physical sun screen that doesn’t leave me looking like Casper the friendly ghost. Sensitive skincare specialist, Odylique has recently launched Natural Sun Screen SPF30 – the first ever to be certified organic as well as fair trade. It offers broad spectrum protection again UVA and UVB rays and claims to be non-whitening so you can bet that I wanted to put it to the test.

Odylique Natural Sun Screen SPF30* Review

Odylique natural sun screen spf30

The ingredients list of the Odylique sun screen is an absolute dream – 100% natural with 76% Soil Association certified organic. There is natural and scientifically proven sun protection from zinc oxide alongside a mix of organic oils and antioxidant-rich botanicals to help protect from UV damage. There is no artificial anything – no silicone, nano particles, parabens, artificial UV filters, preservatives, fragrance or colour and it’s suitable for vegans. Nothing to irritate sensitive types like me – it was lovely to apply and not be poised for my eyes to sting. It also won’t clog pores so good for acne prone skin and offers instant protection.

Odylique sun screen ingredients

The yellow cream is thicker than I’m used to and takes a little bit of effort to rub in. Once applied the skin has a dry finish with no greasiness or tackiness. It smells raw nutty much like unrefined shea butter which is one of the ingredients.

Now on to the non-whitening? I’m afraid that there’s no escaping the Casper effect – see the picture of my hand below. It can be hidden if worn under foundation but I generally don’t wear full coverage during the summer which means I can’t wear this sun screen on my face on its  own. However the skin on my legs and decolletage are several shades lighter than my face and it does rub in to those areas without an obvious white appearance. So depending on your skin tone this could totally work for you.

odylique sun screen spf30 review
Odylique Natural Sun Screen SPF30 applied to the skin on the right

Zinc oxide can have a drying effect which is often a plus for oily and combination skin. If you have dry skin you need to make sure that you are thoroughly moisturised and exfoliated before application of the Odylique sun screen as I found that it highlighted any peeling or desert like patches. Overall I couldn’t just slap this on and found it took too much effort to try and make work for my face which I was a little gutted about. It was much easier to use on my body.Oh well the mission to find the perfect natural sun screen for me continues.

Top marks to Odylique for offering this all natural sun screen even though it doesn’t quite work for me. If you’ve got dark or particularly dry skin it might not be your best bet. Everybody else go ahead and fill your sun screen boots!

Odylique SPF 30 Natural Sun Screen for Sensitive Skin, 50ml, £15 http://www.odylique.co.uk 

Odylique SPF 30 Natural Sun Screen for Sensitive Skin Ingredients: Karanja oil*, Zinc oxide (non-nano), Raw Shea butter*F, Silica, Sunflower oil*, Candelilla wax*, Jojoba extracts, Carnauba wax*, Chamomile*, Rosemary* and Sea buckthorn* extracts, Natural stabilisers (from corn)*Certified organic (76% of product) – 20% mineral.  F Ingredient complies with Fairtrade Standards, minimum 5%.

Note: * sample provided for review purposes

  1. Excellent recipe. And I hear you on that heavy texture! My favourite Badger Balm product is somewhat heavy too. But then I have tested products 8that shall go unnamed) promising to be lighter and transparent and what not, but they are either causing yellow splotches on your clothes or simply not efficient.

  2. HI Lynda, have you found a clean (ish) sunscreen which doesn’t give an ashy look to your skin? I’m thinking it would be handy to know for my kit! Do you have a fave?
    L x

    1. Hi Laura. To be honest i haven’t found one that 100% right. Suntegrity isn’t too bad especially if I’m wearing makeup on top to disguise any ghostly pallor 🙂 and I like the Ilia SPF powder (but not for serious sun protection). I discovered something yesterday in a shop in Soho that could be a potential but accidently deleted the picture and can’t remember the name – Soin something. Need to go back and get a sample. I’ll report back! x

  3. Hi i use marie veronique spf 30 – very lightweight, tinted, and not greasy at all. I have stopped my search after trying it and have used it daily for over a year now.

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