Beauty products sweet like chocolate

Beauty That’s Sweet Like Chocolate

It’s the last day of National Chocolate Week (I know some of you are living the Chocolate Life!) so thought I would dip in to my favourite beauty products including or inspired by the stuff.

Beauty products sweet like chocolate
Beauty products sweet like chocolate

I may be the rare female that would choose crisps over chocolate if push came to shove but still there are moments when the food of the god(desses) is hard to resist. Apart from tasting delicious, chocolate (well technically cacao so the dark stuff) is chockfull of nutrients with numerous health benefits that have been scientifically proven. Everything from relieving cramps (due to the magnesium), reducing stress (due to encouraging the release of feel-good endorphins) and protecting against sun damage (due to antioxidants). It’s good for the heart (literally), mind (boosts brain power) and soul!

For when you want to indulge in the good stuff without the calories, here are my favourite chocolicious products.


Try and resist licking this delectable face mask made with a mouthwatering blend of all natural ingredients that’s good enough to eat. This gorgeous mask leaves my skin smooth and glowing. Read a detailed review of the Evolve Radiant Mask here

Evolve radiant glow mask


This deep conditioning hair treatment made with all natural mostly organic ingredients including cacao powder, cocoa butter and honey is like a tub of chocolate pudding. It’s a pampering treat for the head leaving hair super soft and feeling silky. Find it at Mahogany Naturals here.

Mahogany Naturals rhassoul cocoa honey deep hair treatment
Mahogany Naturals rhassoul cocoa honey deep hair treatment

Mahogany Naturals hair treatments


If you’ve had your fill of coffee scrubs, why not try one using cacao. This Buddy Scrub is made with all natural ingredients – no nasty microbeads thank you – including brown sugar, cacao powder and coconut oil. It leaves skin feeling smooth and silky with less mess as the scrub dissolves when water hits it. Find it at Buddy Scrub here.

Raw cacao buddy scrub


For a straight up, chocolate brown lip, I reach for Axiology’s Bad. Though no actual chocolate is involved, this is made with all natural and organic ingredients, wrapped in a chic, brushed metal case with a satisfying click. Read a detailed review and see more swatches about Axiology lipsticks here.

Axiology Bad lipstick
Axiology Bad lipstick


This is a gorgeous bronzey eyeshadow made without talc, silicones or mineral oil. The all natural formula glides on beautifully on the skin for a pretty pigmented finish that works on all skin tones. Find Dusty Girls here.


  1. Was already intrigued by the instragram picture, now have read this and went: hot cacao NOW! 😀

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