Cire Trudon Covetable Christmas Candles

Christmas = candles = Cire Trudon. This is a fact. It’s the most magical time of the year….yes it’s time to lighht a Cire Trudon Christmas candle. The height of French fanciness, the makers of the creme de la creme of candles, have a seriously covetable Christmas collection (though to be honest the entire range is covetable year-round!).

Founded in Paris in 1643, Cire Trudon are dripping with heritage galore. As the candlemakers of choice for French royalty since the reign of Louis XIV to the fall (Marie Antoinette even had their candles in jail for her final hours) through the revolution, to Emperor Napoleon and beyond they’ve stood the test of time.


Cire Trudon candles are tres pricey but worth the splurge whether you’re treating yourself over the festive season or gifting. Even the box is gorgeous in a heavy cardboard embossed with gold.Gaspard Cire Trudon candle

The candles are handmade using 100% biodegradable vegetable wax, cotton wicks and blends of natural essential oils, poured in to beautiful glass jars inspired by champagne buckets. The gold leaf in the jar adds a touch of opulence that is perfect for the festive season.

Gaspard Cire Trudon candle

The candles melt slowly and cleanly burning with a strong but not overpowering scent that infuses the air. There’s a complexity to the fragrances that once you get a whiff will have you hooked.

Cire Trudon Ernesto candle
Ernesto candle

Inspired by the nativity tale, the 2016 Cire Trudon Christmas candles are as follows:


Bethlehem Cire Trudon candle
Bethléem, Cire Trudon Christmas 2016, 270g, £70

No not a typo, this is the French spelling for Bethlehem.  The Bethléem candle is a spicy blend of cedar wood, pepper, cardamom and saffron with warm snuggly notes of  the vanilla-like tonka bean. This will transport you to the exotic scenes of the Middle East where the nativity story all began.


Gabriel Cire Trudon candle
Gabriel, Cire Trudon Christmas 2016, 270g, £70
This candle is named after the angel that gave Mary the good news. Gabriel has notes of birch, leather, cashmere and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Think the ideal Christmas day scene, snow falling outside, getting toasty by a log fire inside, wearing your favourite jumper.


Gaspard, Cire Trudon Christmas 2016, 270g, £70
Named after one of the three wise men, Gaspard, is a warm spicy affair. It makes me think of a fragrant hot buttered rum. Blackcurrant and bourbon top notes balanced with a heart of jasmine, rose and mandarin with warm woody undertones from sandalwood. Spice and everything nice.


This set contains travel sizes (100g) of all three candles.

Cire Trudon Odeurs D'hiver Christmas 2016
Cire Trudon Odeurs D’Hiver, £130

For more information visit Candles also available at John Lewis, Harrods,  Selfridges, The Conran Shop and

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