Wonderlusting Winter Wardrobe: Hope Fashion

The overall theme for my winter wardrobe could be ’50 shades of grey’. Grey is my winter neutral, the colour I love and reach for as the days get blacker. When I was recently introduced to a new fashion brand, Hope Fashion, my eyes made a beeline to a gorgeous grey and oatmeal knitted kimono.


Hope was launched last year by Nayna Mcintosh, a fashion industry veteran who was part of the team behind launching Per Una and George at Asda. The line is aimed at grownup women who she felt the High Street was not adequately serving. The clothes are made in Britain or Italy with all items and materials ethically sourced and manufactured. Quality craftsmanship with no sweat shops thank you very much. I see a collection of well made, elegant clothing – think style rather than fleeting trends.


I don’t mind spending a little bit more for quality that will stand the test of time. Very grownup I know.  On a sustainable fashion front, I like to do the ’30 wears’ things – only buying new clothing that I know I will wear at least 30 times. These items from Hope Fashion safely tick that box.



The leather strip gives the narrow stretch trouser a rock chic vibe that can be dressed up or down year-round. They’re high-waisted with a firm elastane panel so no sagging or builder’s bum. Worn here with a longline, lightweight roll-neck that tucks in with a smooth line.

The kimono is a lovely soft, much-needed layer that will always come in useful with our weather! It’s weighty enough to add warmth and light enough to be layered and belted. It comes in one-size with a safety pin style brooch. I think this would make a rather nice present. If you’ve been nice have a word with Santa’s helpers.


Narrow stretch trouser with eco leather side-stripe, £120; Long stripe knit kimono with cashmere, £120; Foundation roll neck, £75. For all details and to order visit hopefashion.co.uk

Note: This post is in collaboration with Hope Fashion but all opinions are my own obvs.  


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