Elan Skincare review

Elan Skincare Dream and Wonder Serums Review

Howdi? Hope you’ve had a marvellous summer. As you know I’m all about unearthing the best small and mighty natural skincare brands, and if they’re made in London, ever better! Today I’m sharing one of my latest finds Elan Skincare. The founder Joanna’s background is almost 10 years in product development for the medical sector, before deciding to launch the range in 2017.


Elan in their words:

Skin transforming, ethical beauty, made in England. Inspired by art, nourished by nature, rooted in science.

That sounds like music to my ears. But how do the products perform you want to know? Read on to find out.

Elan Skincare review

First Impressions?

I adore the dreamy, graceful illustrations on the bottles with the metallic accents adding a touch of luxe. Lovely to see something creative and different. Just looking at them makes me want to take up ballet or recline on a chaise longue.

Packaging is in reusable, recylable glass (Miron) bottles with plastic lid/pump.

Dream Hyaluronic Acid Booster, 20ml, RRP £36


Hyaluronic Acid which confusingly isn’t an “acid” in the typical sense of the word, is a tried and tested hydrating ingredient that acts like a mega magnet for water. Produced naturally by our body, where it does all kinds of good things for our skin and cartilage, but as we age our bodies produce less. That’s where topical Hyaluronic Acid comes in – however not all are created equal. Hyaluronic Acid itself when applied to the skin just sits on the surface as the molecules are too large to penetrate. However the Elan Dream booster contains Sodium Hyaluronate which contains a blend of different Hyaluronic Acid molecule sizes which means it is able to go deeper in the skin for a proper plumping effect.


I also find that some Hyaluronic Acid serums can ball up or feel unbearably sticky on the skin. The Elan booster has a silky, ultra lightweight gel texture that applies like a dream. I use this serum in the morning after misting and a Vitamin C serum then follow with the Wonder serum or another oil. When fine lines from dehydration decide to make an unwanted appearance, this is the ideal skin thirst quencher and I see the lines vanishing before my eyes. Bye bye Sahara, welcome back dewy skin! ⁠

Elan Dream Hyaluronic Acid booster ingredients
Elan Dream Hyaluronic Acid booster ingredients

Wonder Serum, 30ml, £48


I am a complete and utter oil junkie as you know. Wonder serum is an oil blend containing a roll call of some of my favourite, skin nourishing oil wonders including including jojoba, squalane, seabuckthorn, rosehip, and macadamia as well as CoQ10 which helps our skin build collagen & elastin (think stronger scaffolding for the face) and is a powerful antioxidant. The delicately fragranced, vibrant golden drops have an elegant texture that sink in to the skin leaving it radiant.

Elan Wonder Serum ingredients
Elan Wonder Serum ingredients. I do wish the full ingredients list was on the website not just the bottle.

Gentle reminder to never ever ever ever ever (you got that?) apply Hyaluronic Acid or oils to bone dry skin as that just makes your skin drier. Always apply to damp skin. If you are using any other active serums such as retinol or Vitamin C, apply those before applying Hyaluronic Acid (firstly because it soothes and secondly because the larger molecule sizes of Hyaluronic Acid can potentially interfere with their penetration if applied first.)


There is a sense of serenity to Elan that softly whispers take your time. I’m always a fan of making skincare less of a routine and more of a sensual ritual so I willingly listen to its call and indulge in this dream team for glowing skin.

Are you #teamroutine or #teamritual?

For more info www.elanskincare.co.uk 

*Disclaimer: press sample provided to me for honest review 

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