How I’m Winter Proofing My Dry Skin: The Non-Skincare Edit

As I’ve mentioned many a time, I’m a complete sun worshipper. My skin glows and thrives in the sunshine. In autumn winter, not so much and I have to put in extra effort in the battle against The Grey Face. Skincare aside, here are three tweaks I’m making to winter proof my dry, sensitive skin.


Panasonic Cleansing brushYou know I’m a cleansaholic right and think cleansing is the most important step in any skincare routine. I’ve so far resisted the lure of a cleansing gadget but I think they could up my cleansing game so have my eye on this facial cleansing brush

I slather my face in thicker products during the winter which means regular exfoliation is a must to avoid product buildup and allow hydrating products to better sink in. But with my sensitive skin going heavy with exfoliators is something I’d rather not do. The option of using a facial cleansing brush as an alternative is rather appealing. This Panasonic brush is one of the few I’ve come across specifically designed for double cleansing with one suitable for makeup removal. Might have to have a word with Santa *crosses fingers I’ve made non-naughty list*


You can’t move on the Gram without seeing a jade roller or gua sha. The traditional tool used in ancient civilisations including Egyptian and Greek as well as Chinese has become the latest skintellectual trend. Designed to stimulate microcirculation, relax facial muscles and help lymphatic drainage. I credit face massage with helping to keep my skin healthy and glowing so any tool that can help is a winner.

I have just started to use this Oilixia Rose Quartz Gua Sha which has a slightly different design from others I’ve seen with more more ridges designed for different parts of the face. It almost looks like a butterfly wing. Aside from being all pretty n pink, rose quartz crystal is said to have special properties including increasing feels of self-love and wellbeing.

Oilixia Rose Quarts Gua Sha


I genuinely love “healthy” eating. Healthy in quotes because to me it’s just eating actually! However cold weather has me craving refined carbs. A natural reaction to my body needing to burn extra fuel quickly to stay warm and depleted serotonin from the lack of sun.¹

So during the cold weather I add supplements to help my body with the extra demands on it. The specifics depend on what my skin is doing at the time. Last year when I was experiencing eczema I found supplementing with Omegas made a massive difference. This year I don’t have any eczema so am adding an all round collagen supplement.

Most collagen supplements are derived from beef which I don’t eat.  However I do eat seafood so have used marine collagen but am happy to have found a vegetarian and vegan option. There is no such thing as vegan collagen as such yet (various labs are on the case though) what these supplements offer is a way to boost the body’s own collagen production.   Rejuvenated Veggiecol is a vegetarian collagen supplement containing vegetarian proteins including an extract from egg proteins combined with active skincare ingredients. For vegans there is the Skin Perfect Complex, a completely plant-based, patent pending formula to support collagen production.  This complex contains a blend of botanical ingredients, nutrients and vegan amino acids that help repair and strengthen the skin from the inside out.

Rejuvenated Veggiecol

Do you use any of the products above? If so, do please share any tips of what non-skincare items you use to get your skin through cold weather. Also feel free to hang out with me on Instagram for a glimpse at what I’m currently using.

Source: ¹The Lancet: Effect of sunlight and season on serotonin turnover in the brain 

*Disclaimer: features press samples provided to me for honest review 

  1. Hi Lynda,

    Love this, these tips are spot on. I’m a little afraid of cleansing brushes but have never lost my interest in them so this is a push in the right direction. Can’t say I do anything special during the colder months apart from using more hydrating products but using a gua sha tool sounds interesting..Thank you as always xx

    1. Thank you lovely. I hear you on the fear front! I can’t imagine using every day but as an occasional exfoliator makes more sense to me. Yours impatiently waiting for spring haha xx

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