Beauty is Art? NARS Launches Andy Warhol Collection


I rarely get excited about makeup limited editions. Too many brands do them too often and they are usually rather lame. So bravo and wigs off to Nars for this collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation which looks stunning and properly thought out. Not sure if it will available in UK. Oh well might have to start planning a pre-Christmas US shopping trip.  The entire 29-piece collection and full details can be seen here


  1. Dear Lynda. I noticed your tweet to TIANA fair trade organics and I would like to explain to you the differences between the butter and the Oil. I read on their website that it really comes down to production. The Coconut Oil has the taste and aroma of coconut but the better doesn’t. Also, the oil can be used in your hair as a conditioner or hair mask and as a moisturiser, lotion and/or soap. I hope I was of some assistance.


    1. Thanks so much for replying Laura. I recently bought the butter (by accident, they look the same though the butter is cheaper) and was trying to figure out what the difference between the two actually was.

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