A England nail polish saint-george

St George’s Day: Why Not Wear Saint George and Dragon Nail Polish?

So today England marks St George’s Day. I would say celebrate but it isn’t a particularly festive occasion. There’s no public holiday, parties or general revelry like St Patrick’s Day which is a shame. So marking the day with nail varnish seems as good a way as any.

I’ve been intrigued by the  a-england nail polish brand for a while. Created by Italian designer, Adina Bodana, a long-time London resident, the colours are complex, slightly moody and mostly metallic with beguiling names. Collections include The Mythicals, Gothic Beauties, The Legend and Heavenly Quotes. Base coat is The Knight, top coat is The Shield. It is all deeply appealing to one’s inner Princess Bride.

A England nail polish saint-george
Saint George
A England nail polish dragon

A England Gothic Beauties nail polish collection

A England The Mythicals nail polish collection

The range is three-free and polishes cost £9 per bottle. More info at http://www.a-england.co.uk

    1. They are gorgeous. I’m on a nail polish ban at the moment after a recent splurge on StrangeBeautiful so A England is on my list for when I’m free to spend!

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