Natural Beauty: My Signature Christmas Looks: all that glitters and glows

As 2014 draws to an end and after nearly three years, this is my first ever ‘look of the day’! All thanks to that Beautycalypse who has popped my ‘tag’ cherry. She challenged a bunch of us green minded bloggers to share our Signature Christmas Looks for day and night. Better late than never, here goes. Daytime: All That Glows My skin loves the sunshine and in the summer it glows with minimal effort. However in the winter, I have to work harder than the Christmas Elves to get and keep any semblance of glow. When I need to get my glow on quickly, before any makeup, I rely on these bits of skincare: aesop-therapie-antoniaburrell.jpg

  • Antonia Burrell Natural Glow cleanser
  • Aesop Tea Tree Exfoliant
  • Therapi Propolis+ Ultra Radiance Cream

MAKEUP Now I don’t have a signature Christmas look. Year-round my makeup stays pretty much the same except for lipstick really. I wear eyeshadow once in a blue moon so decided to make an effort with that for a change using a few items from the Alima Pure By Night collection and keeping the rest of the face natural. Makeup:

  • Josie Moran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation/Medium Dark
  • Ilia Vivid Concealer in Liquorice (read review here)
  • RMS Lip2Cheek in Smile on cheeks (read review here)
  • Ilia Illuminator in Sway on cheeks
  • Kjaer Weis eyeshadow in Charmed as eyeshadow base
  • Alima Pure eyeshadow in Labrynth mixed together with Breathless (read review here)
  • Alima Pure eyeshadow in After Hours used wet as eyeliner (read review here)
  • Eye of Horus mascara (read review here)
  • Ilia lipgloss in The Butterfly and I
Signature Christmas Look
Signature Christmas Look

Night time: All That Glitters Night time is party time which is all about the glitter! My cheat item here is the amazing glittertastic Glitter Lips  Makeup:

  • Josie Moran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation in Medium/Dark
  • Ilia Vivid Concealer in Liquorice (read review here)
  • Ilia Illuminator in Sway
  • Alima Pure eyeshadow in Breathless used on the eyes as well as a highlighter (read review here)
  • Glitter Lips in Ruby Slippers (read review here)


All the makeup for daytime and nightime Christmas looks
All the makeup for daytime and nightime Christmas looks

I’ll be doing reviews of all the items mentioned above in due course. Happy New Year!

  1. OMG, Lynda. Loving ❤ everything about it! I hope we can expect some more beauty looks to come in 2015? 🙂

    It's also occurred to me that women with stunningly beautiful eyes like yourself somehow don't do eyeshadow often. Maybe because with great power comes great responsibility? 😉 And the Alima eyeshadows really, really suit you. Are they shimmery? In that case – have you tried to apply them with water? They turn insanely intense and metallic.

    P.S. The grungy jumper!!! ❤

    1. Thanks Nath! You stretched me 🙂 It was fun to do but lord the time, trying to catch the right light etc etc – not sure I have the patience!

      They are more metallic than shimmery and I’ve now tried them wet – love them. I’m going to do another post on the eyeshadow as I didn’t have proper camera when I did the look so the colours can be seen better.

      Haha – in my case it’s more not knowing what to do. The rest of my family have massive round eyes and my sister told me I didn’t have the eye shape for eyeshadow. I now know she was wrong!

      It’s old I’ve probably had it since the Grunge era 😉

    2. I know, I knowwww, it’s a lot of time. But I also thought it’s a lot of fun, beauty bloggers creating seasonal looks that are modern but play a trick on that lifestyle of “new, new, new, buy, buy, buy” you know 🙂

      Now after that description of the texture, we all need to see more of your eyeshadow looks!

      As for the eye shape… People often perceive us in a way that doesn’t correspond to how we really are, and lucky we are if it’s “only” about our eyes – or eyebrows! (A story from my life: beauticians constantly try to talk me into making my very arched brows “rounder” and “less severe”. But thank God I can draw and understand shapes! Because my face is all about rounds. Take away that one bit of angle, and I look like a pancake…)

      I compliment you on keeping such a Grunge era treasure 😉

    3. Oh it WAS loads of fun – I’m just lazy and hate taking photos of myself so the challenge was a good push…working on that this year!

      So true….I never used to wear bright lipstick either. Once you know yourself people and their opinions can do one 🙂

    4. Haha @ people & opinions 😀

      Shhhhh… *lowers voice* I’ll tell you a secret. I absolutely hate taking pictures of myself as well 😉 Let alone selfies!

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