Wondergifting: Zeen Argan Oil

Argan oil, dubbed ‘liquid gold’, is the wonder oil that’s overflowing with skin nourishing properties. Light and quickly absorbed, it boasts exceptionally high levels of essential fatty acids, Vitamins C and E and antioxidants which means fantastic moisture retention, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing.

Authentic argan oil comes from Morocco where it has been used for an eternity by the Berber. Beware a lot of so-called argan oils that literally contain just a drop of actual argan oil! Do check the ingredients – “Moroccan oil” is NOT necessarily argan oil. The label should say argan oil or Argania Spinosa only.


Most of the work of making argan oil is painstakingly done by hand by women. The beauty industry might have struck gold but what about those doing all the hard work? It takes 15-20 hours work to make one litre of argan oil. It can’t be done mechanically as argan tree kernels are an awkward shape that would be damaged by machinery. I firmly believe that those doing the hard work should get a fair price for their labour so always buy from companies that source ethically.

No doubt you’ve seen drugstore and department store shelves overflowing with argan products, but I bet you haven’t seen a bottle that looks like this. Is this not the most glam bottle of argan oil ever!


I first spotted Zeen in the Fortnum and Mason Beauty Hall. At first glance, I thought it was a bottle of perfume. The packaging, made from 100% material, is made in the same factory in France that Chanel use, for extra swankiness points. We’re talking pure luxe, which is reflected in the price tag.


Strictly speaking, oil like perfume, should really be stored in dark bottles, to help preserve and protect it from those pesky UV rays. But this is a fabulous bottle to show off on your boudoir dressing table so we’ll avert our gaze from such inconventient practicalities.

Zeen’s 100%  argan oil with no additives is ECO-CERT organic certified, and produced in partnership with a Berber womens’ co-operative, ensuring a fair wage, self development opportunities and maintaining the traditional way of production. Looks good, helps do good.

If you’ve got any last second Christmas shopping to do, the Zeen argan oil would make a great gift. Zeen face and body argan oil, 50ml, RRP £40 zeenforever.com 

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