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Herbfarmacy Celebrates 10th Anniversary With New Look

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Herbfarmacy is an award-winning natural skincare brand that I’ve had on my ‘to check out’ list for a while but had just not got around to. It’s the kind of ‘slow beauty’ skincare that appeals to me. No outrageous claims, hand made, small batch using time honoured, organic ingredients and herbs grown on its farm in Herefordshire. The company recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with a swanky event to unveil a new look, which was the perfect opportunity to learn more.

The entire Herbfarmacy range is Soil Association organic certified, using hand-picked herbs grown on the farm. Of course that means the range is free from mineral oils, parabens, sulphates, PEGs, silicones, petroleum, and artificial colours and fragrances. Everything from planting, picking and processing the herbs to manufacturing and packaging the final product is done on the farm.

Paul Richards, founder, Herbfarmacy
Paul Richards, founder, Herbfarmacy

It was great to meet the founder Paul Richards, a botanical expert and organic farmer for over 30 years. I got a real sense of his passion for plants. Paul is something of a herb guru with an encyclopaedic knowledge of traditional herbal remedies and their therapeutic properties.

Marshmallow root, Herbfarmacy's star ingredient
Marshmallow root, Herbfarmacy’s star ingredient

Marshmallow (the plant, absolutely nothing to do with the fluffy stuff you melt on sticks, though there are traditional marshmallow recipes that use the root) is Herbfarmacy’s hero ingredient, found in all their products. It has anti-inflammatory properties and naturally soothes and nourishes the skin.

Herbfarmacy ingredients

All the product ingredients and formulations have remained the same, just the packaging has changed. And I must say I dig Herbfarmacy’s fab new look.

Herbfarmacy bottle

The packaging didn’t quite grab my attention before, whereas now ‘HELLO’. I can see that it will really stand out on the shelf. Rich purple, recycled green glass, craft paper labels and a Biba-esque logo that scream eco-chic.

Herbfarmacy logo

I love the attention to detail and that every design element has been well thought out with a meaning that ties in to the Herbfarcy ethos. The new logo incorporates the link to the hills that surround the farm. The purple comes from the colour of marshmallow flowers.

Herbfarmacy new look balms

Herbfarmacy balms

I played with a few products at the event and was impressed with the delectable all natural scents and balm textures which seemed to just melt in to the skin. The range is especially suitable for us sensitive skin types so I will be testing and will report back. Green and glam, Herbfarmacy’s new look rocks.

For more information visit www.herbfarmacy.com 







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