Tokunbo Koiki, founder, Tokunbo's Kitchen

Wonderlusting Eats: Tokunbo’s Kitchen Nigerian Supper Club

I’m lucky enough to live in London, one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet with over 300 languages spoken. For an adventurous eater there is something to eat from pretty much everywhere. However it’s always been a mystery to me why despite the significant African population in London, African cuisine is not very well known to others. I’ve noticed more pop-ups emerging, which I hope will change that. The food is just too delicious to keep to ourselves!

I recently attended the inaugural ‘Oya Come Chop’ Supper Club from Tokunbo’s Kitchen. Founded by  Nigerian-Brit and entrepreneur, Tokunbo Koiko, the supper clubs are designed to share the mouth-watering flavours of home-cooked Nigerian food with people from all cultures. On the night, Tokunbo was host with the most dishing out warm hospitality alongside the good eats.

Tokunbo Koiki, founder, Tokunbo's Kitchen
Tokunbo Koiki, founder, Tokunbo’s Kitchen. “In Nigeria, we say “Oya, come chop” when it’s time to eat.”

Pre-dinner, there was the chance to meet and mingle with fellow guests over some nibbles and palm wine. If you’re nervous about going alone. Don’t be. There was a mix of people including several attending solo and the convivial atmosphere makes it easy to chat. I’m sure the palm wine helps to get things flowing!

The food is not fancy, fine dining style rather more informal, home-cooking, as you would enjoy in someone’s home. It is BYOB as far as drinks go, though on this occasion we enjoyed complimentary wonjo from Chosan (you can read more about the company here). The healthy, Gambian hibiscus drink really works well with spicy flavours. Some of you might know a similar drink known as zobo in Nigeria, bissap in Senegal, and sorrel in the Caribbean.

Chosan wonjo hibiscus drink
Chosan’s wonjo hibiscus drink

If I had to pick three words to describe Nigerian food, I’d say “healthy, hearty and spicy” which is what was served up by the belly full. The menu changes at each supper club but here’s a peek at what we chopped.

Undeniably, Nigerians are generally big meat eaters however many of the traditional dishes are plant-based and naturally gluten-free so it’s easy to cater for all dietary requirements. I don’t eat meat and feasted as well as everybody else.

Pounded yam and egusi stew, Tokunbo's Kitchen (vegan and gluten free)
Pounded yam and egusi (melon seed) stew, Tokunbo’s Kitchen (vegan and gluten free)


Tokunbo's Kitchen 'Oya Come Chop' Nigerian Supper Club
Tokunbo’s Kitchen ‘Oya Come Chop’ Nigerian Supper Club

Whether you’re looking to take your tastebuds globetrotting on a new food adventure or seeking some comfort food like you enjoyed at home, you’re in for a tastebud tantalising treat at Tokunbo’s Kitchen.

The next Tokunbo’s Kitchen ‘Oya Come Chop’ Supper Club is on 25 June 2016. For further information on the menu and tickets, visit 


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