Wonderlusting Kitchen ~ Head Over For Plant Based, Veganuary Recipe Inspo

If you’re flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan or whatever just looking to switch things up and eat more plant based meals do check out and follow my Wonderlusting Kitchen Instagram page. It’s where I share the tastebud tantalising, nourishing, joyful food that I like to create and cook. When I cook I don’t actually label my ‘diet’, […]

Oysters at Hix Oyster & Chop House

Aw Shucks The Best Dressed Irish Oyster 2017

Whether you love or hate them, is there any food more Valentine’s than oysters? Oysters have a reputation as aphrodisiacs – Casanova used to eat 50 a day – rather excessive but what can you expect from a casanova? Scientific research actually supports the claim with a respected study showing that oyster consumption triggers the release of increased […]

Lisa Faulkner and her Upside Down Pineapple Pudding

Spring Feasting With Celebrity MasterChef Winner Lisa Faulkner

I was recently invited by Currys and Hotpoint to an exclusive Spring Feast dinner, cooked and hosted by Lisa Faulkner, actress, TV chef, cookbook author and winner of Celebrity MasterChef. Lovely Lisa prepared a simple but scrumptious two-course meal (no fried heads were on the menu – Spooks fans will know what I’m talking about). We were in […]

Wondergifting: Content Skinfood & Manna Superfood Set

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know I ❤️ my super foods. I’m a firm believer that beauty starts in the kitchen. Though I eat healthily most of the time (what’s a battered, deep-fried snickers bar between friends) living in a big city exposed to super high levels of pollution and eating vegetables […]