Wonderlusting Kitchen ~ Head Over For Plant Based, Veganuary Recipe Inspo

If you’re flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan or whatever just looking to switch things up and eat more plant based meals do check out and follow my Wonderlusting Kitchen Instagram page.

It’s where I share the tastebud tantalising, nourishing, joyful food that I like to create and cook.

wonderlusting kitchen instagram

When I cook I don’t actually label my ‘diet’, to me it’s just food glorious food! Mouthwatering is always my main mission.  Due to my preference and love for mostly eating and cooking whole ingredients and fresh produce, much of it is suitable for those following vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, paleo, Whole 30 and ‘clean’ diets.

You’ll find breakfast, brunch, savoury, sweet and snack meal inspiration. All nutritious and delicious!

You can find healthylicious recipes here at Wonderlusting Kitchen.  Find Wonderlusting Kitchen on Instagram at instagram.com/wonderlustingkitchen and if you’ve got a foodie account too let know your deets in the comments below. 






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