Soil Association Organic Beauty Week

Organic Beauty Week 2016 #LookForTheLogo

Soil Association Organic Beauty WeekThe Soil Association’s annual Organic Beauty Week (19 – 25 September) is here hurrah. This year we are being asked to simply “look for the logo”.  As I’ve mentioned before unlike with organic food, there is zilch legislation governing organic beauty. A product can contain a teeny drop of just one organic ingredient and claim to be organic and get away with it!

Organic beauty is booming with a lot of companies jumping on the bandwagon without necessarily being up to scratch. That’s where Soil Association certification comes in and has your back. When you see the Soil Association logo on a beauty product it means that you can trust that you’re buying a bona fide organic product that has undergone stringent testing to ensure it is what it claims to be.


#lookforthelogo Soil Association
Look for the logo!

“Organic” can only be included in the product’s name if it contains at least 95% organic ingredients (excluding water). Products with 70-95% organic ingredients can be certified (though they can’t use organic in the product name) and must state the percentage of organic ingredients on the label. Any products with under 70% organic ingredients won’t be certified by the Soil Association. So you know what you’re getting and can make an informed choice.

Certification can be an expensive, lengthy process with the Soil Association looking into all the conditions from where the ingredients come from, to how it is manufactured and labelled. Also that ingredients are responsibly sourced, no animal testing is involved and that artificial colours, fragrances, parabens and petrochemicals are not included. All inspected annually. So when you see that logo you know that a company is REALLY commited to organic beauty and being honest with their customers and has earned it to have invested in certification.

A selection of Soil Association certified skincare brands
A selection of some of my favourite Soil Association certified skincare brands

For me every week is organic beauty week. I use organic skincare every day (not all certified but thoroughly researched) because I genuinely believe (and can see from the results) that it’s better for my skin and less selfishly the planet! Why wouldn’t you want to nourish your skin with the best ingredients available naturally?


This year’s Organic Beauty Week ambassador is Niomi Smart, healthy living superstar vlogger who I met at the press launch for Organic Beauty Week. She’s just published ‘Eat Smart’ a plant-based cook book full of healthy meets delicious recipes. Head over to facebook to see more pics from the launch event.

Niomi Smart, Organic Beauty Week Ambassador.
With Niomi Smart, Organic Beauty Week Ambassador.

There’s a host of special offers and activities taking place for Organic Beauty Week. To find out more check out #OrganicBeautyWeek and #LookForTheLogo on social media or visit: 

Be sure to be following me on Instagram too as I’ll be unveiling the amazing, luxury Wonderlusting Pamper Hamper full of organic goodies that you can win.


  1. That’s a lovely movement, and a wonderful event. Over here, it’s soon time for the yearly industry conference of natural and organic cosmetics in Germany, always a pleasure to attend, counting days really 🙂

    1. Definitely! You can bond over a digital connection, but conferences are just great to meet all the right people in one place, to discuss, it’s enabling a sense of community.

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