Life. Style. Wonder. Stuff.

Filled with wanderlust and boundless curiosity, I’ve travelled extensively and have been fortunate enough to work, rest or play on five continents.  London is home (you can read how I feel about my beloved city here).  I’ll be sharing whatever tickles my fancy. Stuff I adore, find interesting or inspiring. 

I’ve always loved eating, god I luuurve eating, but in the past year or so I’ve also discovered how much I enjoy cooking too. Preferably from scratch and am all about the scrumptious, delicious, mouthwatering and nutritious for body and soul. I love experimenting, discovering new foods in my recipes and am Queen of the Secret Ingredient! I get a bit giddy about fresh fruit and veg but keep my drooling over here 

Feel free to get in touch. Either drop me a comment, e: wonderlusting at live.co.uk or follow me on twitter or peek into my world on instagram.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love, peace and hairgrease (preferably coconut).

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