Winter Wonder Moisturiser: Kiehl’s Imperial Balm

Crème de Corps gets all the Kiehl’s moisturiser love but for my money Imperial Body Balm is the wonder stuff. If like me your skin gets a bit crocodile in the winter, I thoroughly recommend this, pricey though it is.

As you can see it looks a little like margarine but it seriously does wonders turning your skin from snake to silk. The yellow colour is entirely natural and comes from the seabuckthorn plant which is rich in carotenoids, essential fatty acids, Vitamin A and C. The balm formula also includes shea and cocoa butter as well as fruit acids which helps with skin cell turnover – so ash begone.

seabuckthorn berries

There is some guff on the label about it containing an ingredient beloved by Russian cosmonauts! This has to be a contender for the most ridiculous “who cares?”statement on a product ever. Ridiculous statements aside, I would hate to be in any cold climate without it. My particularly sensitive and dry skin loves it.

Texture: Whipped butter. Doesn’t sink into skin immediately and does require rubbing in but totally worth the effort for skin left soft not greasy.

Smell: Slightly of spicy amber and warm honey

Price: £44 UK / $42 US. I bought mine in US where it’s nearly half the price. I’ll be asking pals there to shop for me.

I have a special talent for discovering products just as they are about to be discontinued. Lo and behold, yesterday I was told by a Kiehl’s staff member that the Imperial Balm is being discontinued. It’s already out of stock online so BUY BUY now. Would make a lovely Christmas present (hint hint).

  1. Why oh why do they always discontinue the good things?! My skin is awful just generally and I’m looking for something nice and luxurious for it, this sounded perfect! I do have a friend in NYC currently though so I could try and see if she could get me some! Fingers Crossed!

    1. If you can beg your friend to! My skin is tricky and winter just makes it worse but this really worked wonders – I wish there was a version for the face.

    2. Yeah, I find my skin a complete balancing act in winter! I use La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP a lot at the moment, it’s nice and soothing but I wish it was a bit richer and I wish it had a nice scent! I really want something that smells nice and festive in the lead up to Christmas!

    3. I’ve heard good things about Lipikar Baume though it’s not very “pampering”. I just got a sample of Etat Pur ultra nourishing balm which feels quite promising. Do share any other finds, I’m always on the look out for tips.

    4. Yes, that’s exactly it! I want to feel pampered right now! Ohh that sounds good, let me know how it goes? I will let you know if I find anything amazing!

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