Well Hello! The Mentalist Simon Baker is Face of New Givenchy Fragrance

OK big round of applause to Givenchy for signing up The Mentalist as the face of its new Gentlemen Only fragrance.

I want to smell this perfume. Well i want to smell this perfume on Simon Baker. Well i want to smell Simon Baker but lets not get into details. He wasn’t as hot in his Home & Away days was he?  Anyway well played Givenchy. This is what celebrity endorsement should be about. Picking the perfect person for your product.

Chanel please take note and I do hope that it is inevitable that you get rid of Brad Pitt and his goatee in that silly Chanel No 5 ad.

Here he is talking about being a gentlemen. Swoon.
Do you agree he’s a great choice?

  1. I was once asked the question on a press trip”if you could look like any man who would it be?” in a heartbeat i said Simon Baker. I love the cut of his gib.Great in the Mentalist. First part in Hollywood was as a dead gay lover in LA Confidential. I might even buy what he is peddling…

    1. Blondes generally don’t do it for me but he’s the exception and seems like a decent gent. He’s ace in Mentalist – i’m such a sucker for people not following the rules. I need to see if the perfume passes the sniff test ..

  2. They probably airbrushed him a bit too much in that print — his head looks small. Haven’t seen the spot yet though.
    Anyway, that Brad Pitt ad’s nonsensical.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Abeokuta, Ja (or Bekuta, as we call it) honors Abeokuta, Nigeria.

    1. Definitely airbrushed to smithereens – you can’t even see his crinkly twinkly eyes!

      Yes I read that and learnt something new – thanks!

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