Satsuma matte velvet lipstick, Cosmetics a la carte

Orange Lipstick Review & Swatch: Satsuma Matte Velvet Lipstick, Cosmetics A La Carte

If you read my previous post you’ll know I’ve been orange obsessed and on a mission to find oranges that worked for me.

The main things I was looking for in an orange lipstick were the following:

  1. Strong colour payoff
  2. Comfortable on lips
  3. Non drying so doesn’t leave my lips looking like a shrivelled prune
  4. Matte finish with zero shimmer
  5. Easy removal


Satsuma matte velvet lipstick, Cosmetics a la carte
Satsuma matte velvet lipstick, Cosmetics a la carte

For those who don’t know, Cosmetics a la carte is a bit of an beauty insider’s secret where the world’s best makeup artists go for tailor made products. The British company, which manufactures from a factory in Battersea and retails at its boutique in Knightsbridge, celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. During that time an array of A-listers and legendary beauties have been through its doors including Grace Jones, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Di and Lady Gaga. Read more about the company’s heritage here).

According to Cosmetics à la carte, the matte velvet lipstick offers: “Cushioning comfort and powder matte. Weightless and long-lasting. Plumping peptides for youthful looking lips. Conditioning and protective Vitamins ACE. Shimmer free”

Looking at my lipstick checklist that seems to fit the bill so did it deliver on its promises?

  • Colour Pay-off: the juicy looking colour can be built up. 1 swipe gives a  look like you’ve been sucking an ice lolly which can be built up to bright opaque coverage.
  • Formula & Finish: matte velvet finish that was more comfortable on my lips than a standard matte finish. Ingredients list contain a number of emollients which explains the comfort factor
  • Comfort: like with all matte lipsticks, make sure your lips are prepared properly and moisturised before application. Once applied I almost forgot about it as it feels like nothing is on and it doesn’t suck the moisture out of them.
  • Removal: wipes off easily and doesn’t leave a stain behind.

On the plumping peptides claim – I didn’t find anything plumping about it.

Cosmetics a la carte seem to have a pretty stringent ingredients policy, with most products being preservative, paraben and perfume free, which is good to know for those for us with allergies. It’s also worth knowing that if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in their lipsticks, they can create a bespoke formulation without it. Truly tailor-made makeup.

Something I especially love is that it offers mini lipsticks for £2 so you can test to see if the colour is right for you. Also great for trying colours that might just be a passing trend. I really wish all companies did this.
Satsuma matte velvet lipstick
Satsuma matte velvet lipstick. Top is 3 swipes, bottom is 1 swipe
Satsuma has become my go-to orange lipstick for comfortable day to day wear. It is like a great pair of jeans – can be dressed up or down, worn casually with one swipe or ramp up the impact with more layers for a bold statement lip. Satsuma matte velvet lipstick, 4g, £23

  1. Wow such a stunning pop of colour. Unfortunately orange is just not friends with me 😦 And I’d have tried every trick in the make-up book…

  2. I finally gave full-on orange lips a go yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised that it worked, and looked good too! Lots and lots of bronzer with a touch of NARS Taj Mahal to round it off lol. This looks like a wearable orange to me Lynda, loving it!

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