Sunshine In A Bottle From The Library of Fragrance

If you live in London like I do, you have to learn not to look up to the sky for sunshine. Nope you need to learn to make your own, whatever the weather might be doing. One way I’ve found has been out of a bottle.  Sunshine from The Library of Fragrance, to be exact.

The Library of Fragrance is the UK arm of New York-based Demeter Fragrance of Library, famous for the cult 90s scents of Dirt, Grass and Tomato. The company burst on to the fragrance scene offering something completely different. Unlike most fragrances, these colognes are single note without a top, middle and base notes. What you see on the label is what you smell. There are hundreds of different imaginative and evocative fragrances to choose from. You name it Play-doh, Curry, Moon Beam anyone?

These are not perfumes you spray on to smell good to other people but to please yourself. They remind you of a place, a time, a meal, a thing you love. The mundane becomes magical when you can spritz it on.

Sunshine, The Library of Fragrance

Sunshine-The Library of Fragrance
Sunshine, The Library of Fragrance

This to me smells like the sunshine of a beach holiday. It conjures up images of topping up your suncream whilst on a sun lounger sipping a parasol gilded cocktail.  On the greyest, wettest day, a spritz of this transports me to a sunnier place.

The Library of Fragrance colognes can be “cocktailed” and layered. So for instance these three I imagine would combine rather well…….


I’m sensitive to a lot of perfumes but haven’t had any bad reaction to any of the Library of Fragrance scents I’ve tried. Here’s what Library of Fragrance say about their ingredients:

“Whilst it would be impossible to make the broad range of unusual fragrances that we provide without using some synthetic ingredients, we do try to make The Library of Fragrance as ‘natural’ as possible. Generally speaking, around 95% of our ingredients are derived from natural or renewable sources. We do not add artificial colours, binders or emulsifiers and all of our products are phthalate and paraben free. The alcohol we use to make our fragrances is naturally fermented from corn.”

Though I wear this for myself my manfriend absolutely loves this fragrance. It is the ONLY perfume I’ve ever worn that he’s proactively commented on EVER! The first time he smelt it, his exact words were:

“Mmmmm you smell amazing, what are you wearing?”.

This is the equivalent of building the Taj Mahal. And to top it all, it costs just £15 – the cheapest perfume in my collection!

Sunshine, Library of Fragrance, 30ml, £15 (Boots often have them on sale for 2 for £25 so keep an eye out there too).

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