#100LippyDays October in Lipstick and Mission Completed!

october lipsticks

I did it! I completed #100LippyDays wearing 100 different lipsticks and lip glosses every day for 100 days! I’m fully expecting something in the New Year’s Honours from the Queen for my achievement.  Now the thing is I still haven’t worked my way through the whole collection so I’m continuing until I have. The whole point was to see exactly what I’ve got and get rid of any that don’t fill me with joy so I will be doing that.

Here are the October Top 5 follower favourite lipsticks on Instagram 

#1 Black Dahlia, Tom Ford

#2 Ink Pot, Ilia

#3 Dragon Girl, Nars 

#4 Train Bleu, Nars 

Joint #5 Breathless, Le Metier de Beaute palette/ Morello, B.Brillaint / Black Cherry 477, Revlon

I am very partial to a vampy shade and as the weather turns seems everyone else is too! I’ll be totting up the scores for the Top 5 overall out of the 100.

Do you like the look of any of these?

  1. Haha 😀 “I’m fully expecting something in the New Year’s Honours from the Queen for my achievement.” Totally worth it 🙂

    BTW I have finally come to checking it off my long-ish to do list (yes; that’s awkwardly late) and included you here: http://beautycalypse.com/hall-of-fame/

    Happy TGIF! xo

    1. thanks lovely. I wouldn’t call the ones i have particularly drying but they’re not actively hydrating either. The lip conditions are more moisturising but quite sheer (on me). Have you tried samples first from somewhere like Content? xx

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