Fullies – New Skincare from Africology, Supernatural Beauty, PHB, Vintner’s Daughter and more

Yes I’m still trying to make #fullies happen. One of the most satisfying parts of using products up is the chance to open new stuff! Aside from occasional testing, I try hard to have a one-in, one-out policy so I don’t have too many products open at the same time.

Below are the new products I’m currently using to replace my last set of #empties. Everything is the usual natural and/or organic ingredients with no petrochemicals, parabens, phalates, silicones, artificial fragrances etc :

  • Africology Neroli Natural Spring Water Mist* africology-uk.com: I’m a newbie as far as mists and hydrosols go and have only recently started to add them in to my skincare routine. This is described as a crystal charged, pure, spring water with extracts of rooibos to hydrate the skin and neroli to uplift the spirit. This also contains African wild potato, which is bang on trend, as I mentioned in my 2017 green beauty predictions, ingredients from Africa are going to be getting more airtime.
  • Fairfield Gardens Raspberry Rose Lip Balm lovelula.com: this came in a Love Lula Beauty box. You can never have enough lip balms can you? This one is a blend of fruity meets floral with raspberry seed and rose oils. Fairfield Gardens have a policy of focussing on beauty miles, aiming to create products that use mostly British grown ingredients. The lip balms are made in Wales with 78% locally sourced ingredients.

  • Laniakea Argan Oil* laniakea.london :  the beauty industry has struck liquid gold with argan but not all argan oils are created equal. Authentic argan oil come from Morocco where women crack the nuts by hand meaning a limited supply, yet there’s an avalanche of argan in the shops…..the vast majority of which isn’t all it’s claimed to be.  Laniakea (which means “immeasurable heaven” in Hawaiian) promise no additives or impurities and that the oil is traceable back to the exact argan tree, all fairly and sustainably sourced.
  • PHB Ethical Beauty 100% Pure Liquid Eyeliner phbethicalbeauty.co.uk: this is the first all natural liquid eyeliner I’ve bought. It’s got a very clean, short and sweet ingredients list of mineral and botanicals and promises a long-lasting plant based formula that is water resistant yet also gentle to sensitive eyes.

  • Supernatural Beauty Genesis Cleanser supernaturalbeauty.co : I love me some oil cleanser and this blend of 100% organic oils includes camellia which my skin adores. It’s described as good for dry, mature and sensitive skin tick tick tick so I’m expecting good things.
  • Therapi Honey Skincare Lip Nectar therapi.com  – a super nourishing lip balm containing honey, beeswax and cocoa butter. This is my night time lip treatment.
  • Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum vintnersdaughter.comif you’re in to skincare, you’ll know all about this, award-winning oil serum that has been lauded to the high heavens, famously called “THE face oil to end all oils”. Made up of 22 oils and botanicals, it’s described by the brand as “a skincare game changer that restores skin’s balance, texture and natural radiance.” Oh and Tracee Ellis Ross LURVES it big time. So I decided to treat myself and see whether to believe the hype. A review will be coming up in due course. Read my chat with April Gargiulo, founder of Vintner’s Daughter here.
  • Ziyanda Kalahari Desert Salt & Coffee Body Scrub* ziyanda.co.uk : made with ethically sourced Kalahari desert salt, a first for me, Ziyanda is another African inspired brand for you. This scrub also contains organic Ethiopian coffee, raw sugar, shea butter, pumpkin and Kalahari melon oils which should mean bye bye winter crocodile skin.

Catch up with me on Instagram to see my first impressions of these products. Have you tried any of them?

* product received for review consideration

  1. Hmmmm. An interesting line-up. I’ll be watching closely 😉 P.S. PHB Ethical Beauty have the prettiest colours for eye make-up. Am loving the mineral eye shadow range. Haven’t tried the eyeliner yet, so can’t wait to see your review

  2. I’ve been using Africology’s Purifying cleansing gel it’s amazing! Very strong scent but really wakes you up in the morning ☺

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