Prince singing Purple Rain, Hop Farm Festival

In Pursuit of The Colour Purple

I love purple. Love love love it. It goes without saying that I adore Prince. Below is a picture (any excuse) of the last time I saw him in concert.

Prince singing Purple Rain, Hop Farm Festival
Prince singing Purple Rain, Hop Farm Festival

He was awesome but back to lipstick.I’ve recently developed an obsession with finding the perfect purple lipstick. It’s been like searching for the Holy Grail. I don’t want lilac or lavender or mauve or grape. I want purple, preferably matte or satin finish and without any shimmer or iridescence whatsoever. The beauty halls have been fruitless. Trawling the internet I’ve found these potential purples but I need to see in the flesh:

Sleek True Colour Exxxagerate
Sleek True Colour Exxxagerate
Kevyn Aucoin Persistence
Kevyn Aucoin Matte Lip Persistence
YSL rouge pur couture
YSL rouge pur couture Prune Minemal
Stila Vivid Violet
Stila Vivid Violet
BITE Beauty violet
BITE Beauty violet
MAC Venomous Villan lipstick
MAC Venomous Villan lipstick – limited edition discontinued but I want!
Lord & Berry, La Dolce Vita
Lord & Berry, La Dolce Vita

Wish me luck on my quest! If you know of any great purples please let me know.

UPDATE: Read In Pursuit of The Perfect Purple Pout: Part II here

  1. I adore Prince too. Have seen him live 10+ times and he is the best.

    Interesting about a purple lipstick, I’ve never tried one myself, think it’s only good on a darker skin than mine. Suspect I’d look a bit Addams Family sadly. Sleek makeup is available in Boots and Superdrug so that one should be easy to see in the flesh. Otherwise ebay might turn up a bargain, I’m guessing purples aren’t huge sellers and they may end up there at a good price. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you x

    1. Lucky you – have seen him twice – brilliant. I’m normally a nude or berry red lippie girl but purple has been calling me, also bright red – i’m in the mood for change! Good thinking on the ebay front – hadn’t thought of that x

  2. Ooh, the lippie from MAC’s Venomous Villan collection brings back memories. No way that I would ever have pulled it off though.

    1. Yup I should have got it then but wasn’t feeling purple in those days. Let’s hope it looks good when i finally find my perfect purple!

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