In Pursuit of the Perfect Purple Pout: The End!

Voila Violet…..Pucker Up Purple

My quest for the perfect purple put began many light years ago (feel free to read Part I of the epic here and Part II here). Nearly all the colours that I spotted online and mentioned in those previous posts looked completely different in real life which was very disappointing.  I hunted high and low but it seems it was the wrong season for the colour purple. Or more accurately the perfect matte purple shade  I was looking for. Nevertheless I persisted in my mission and found some fantabulous lipsticks.  Also a big THANK YOU you to everyone who pointed me to potential purples.

Turns out I am the Goldilocks of purple lipstick. I tried a gazillion but they were….too pink, too blue, too glossy, too shimmery, too berry, too dry, too Goth, too Star Trek, too lilac, too black, too sheer, too glittery. I could go on.

Like all great journeys there were lessons to be learnt along the way. I wasn’t able to find one absolute perfect purple but I found the perfect colour by combining different products. So without further ado, may I present MY perfect purples!

Purple lipsticks
Perfect Purple Pout
Purple lipstick swatches
Purple lip swatches. Left to right: Rio from Sleek Mardi Gras lip palette, GT15 Blackup lipgloss, Shameless Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm, Mina Illamasqua sheer lipgloss, Jazz Makeup lip pencil
Sleek Rio and Blackup GT15 lipgloss
Swatches in sunshine of Rio Sleek Mardi Gras lip palette, GT15 Blackup lip gloss


Well I say THE END but we both know I will keep looking for that one perfect purple!

P.S. I’ll be sharing my purple pouts over on Instagram 

  1. I adore purple lipstick! I usually wear nudes & neutrals for the most part, but when I do wear color, it’s usually some form of purple. I know this article is from quite a while ago, & there are some pretty great purples that have come out since then: Pretty Zombie cosmetics liquid lipstick in 3 Witches is what I would call a true purple, with cool undertone. Then they make one called Purple Poison which is like a warm toned purple, like a plum color. Then there’s NYX macaroon lippies in Violet, which is more of a magenta purple, but mixed with black looks more purple-y. And then NYX Wicked lippies in Immortal & Betrayal; one’s more of a vampy deep purple, the other’s a deep violet. Both are metallic, but not frosty. I really love that Sleek purple, it’s so pretty! I live in the US, so we don’t get Sleek here unfortunately. It can be ordered, but I envy UK people that can just walk in their drugstore & get it!

    1. It’s so funny that you envy us having Sleek because I totally envy all your other brands – NYX is quite hard to find here. Thank you so much for all those tips – you’ve added to the purple lust list!

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