Natural Beauty: AFYNA ~ New Organic Skincare Brand Launches

Afyna_organic_body_oilsI’m interested in skincare products that are formulated with clean and non-synthetic ingredients. If they’re made by a new independent company and have pretty packaging even better. So I was keen to find out more about new British brand, AFYNA when I recently discovered it on Twitter.

Launched last month, the Cornwall-based company is founded by experienced spa therapist, Sara Young. AFYNA’s tagline is ‘modern organic skincare’ with the aim of producing high performance skincare formulated with organic ingredients and bio-extracts. Every product in the AFYNA range contains a minimum of 75% organic ingredients (certified by the Soil Association or Organic Farmers & Growers) that can be fully traced back to source. Sara also runs four spas offering treatments using AFYNA and Cornish seaweed and clay.

The comprehensive range consists of face products focussing on firming and brightening and body products focussing on various essential oils and their therapeutic effects.

I will be trialling a few face items and reporting back. In the mean time I had a few questions for Sara:

Sara Young, founder, AFYNA
Sara Young, founder, AFYNA

What does AFYNA mean? 
To beautify in old Cornish
Where are ingredients sourced from?
Certified organic suppliers, one in Scotland and one in Somerset
What is the hero/topselling product?
People are loving our Eye Firming Serum which is fantastic news for us!

83% organic, key ingredients include Siberian ginseng and hyaluronic acid
key ingredients include Siberian ginseng and hyaluronic acid

What does “100% natural” mean to AFYNA?
Natural is good but organic has more strength as you know that it has been grown without chemical interference
What does natural beauty mean to you personally?
Beauty starts from the inside, but we all like a little help to make us feel more beautiful on the outside as this can be an amazing confidence booster.
Are there any other specific ingredients, apart from mineral oil, that AFYNA makes it a policy not to use?
We use only clean ingredients, so no parabens, SLS etc…..we use natural plant derived bio-extracts & organic only.
What products in the range are best suited for dry skin?
We have a wonderful Nourishing Moisturiser for Dry skin, but if you need more a boost then we would recommend using out Intensive Skin Renewal Serum.

89% organic, key ingredients include seabuckthorn oil and rosehip oil
Key ingredients include seabuckthorn oil and rosehip oil

Your top (non-product) skincare/beauty tip?
Hydrated skin is younger looking skin, so if you do drink alcohol and caffeine remember to drink plenty of water as well to keep yourself hydrated.

For further information on AFYNA visit:


  1. It sounds quite promising and I love the very sound of the word, however as I have tried to see the füll disclosure, their online shop was only listing the “active ingredients”. Have you seen what they use?

    1. That’s VERY cool of you 🙂
      Hope you’re having a great summer weekend, Lynda!

    2. Allergy Queen over here so ingredient lists are a big bug bear 🙂 It has been marvellous – bday, live music, sunshine, great food. Hope yours has been fab too Nathalie!

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