Wellbeing: High End OTO CBD Launches

OTO CBD Launch

CBD is THE wellness trend of the year and my inbox is overflowing with daily press releases from CBD companies. OTO stood out for me as it is bringing luxe lifestyle in to the sector with a tres chic, elegantly designed range and some of the highest concentrations of CBD I’ve seen. So when I was invited to the launch I had to go and find out more.

OTO CBD launch White City House

With an archaeologist, drink entrepreneurs, scientists and formulator on board, OTO is aiming to offer products that help cope with modern lifestyle challenges such as anxiety, stress and insomnia.


OTO CBD oil blends

The launch collection consists of of three blends – Focus, Amplify, and Balance – essential oils combined with 20% CBD extracted from organically grown hemp. Housed in roller balls to be applied at different times of the day to the wrist or temples.

  • Focus – to help find clarity 
  • Amplify – to help increase alertness
  • Balance – to help bring calm

Most brands have 5% CBD so the 20% in this is pretty concentrated and designed to be potent. There is absolutely no…..”herbal” scent and definitely no hippie vibes here.

OTO CBD Cannabis Cocktails

OTO have also launched three bitters consisting of CBD with botanical extracts that can be added to cocktails and other beverages. I had the chance to sip the following cannabis infused cocktails created by Maison Wellness. Each serving of the recommended three dashes of bitters contains 50mg of CBD and were pleasant to drink.

OTO CBD cocktail with everleaf
Fresh Focus (no alcohol) – OTO CBD bitters, cucumber, Everleaf , Kombucha, lime, rosemary
Pause Café (no alcohol) - OTO CBD bitters, coffee, Seedlip Citrus, marmalade, maple syrup, London Essence tonic water
Pause Café (no alcohol) – OTO CBD bitters, coffee, Seedlip Citrus, marmalade, maple syrup, London Essence tonic water
OTO CBD Prosecco cocktail
La Vie En Rose – OTO CBD bitters, Prosecco, rose water, honey
OTO CBD CBD Cocktail 3
Summer Spritz – OTO CBD bitters, apple cider, grapefruit syrup, London Essence Co grapefruit and rosemary tonic

I’m currently researching CBD and will be trying out the OTO CBD Focus blend and will let you know how I get on.


Have you tried CBD oils or drinks?

For more info visit otocbd.com

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