#100LippyDays 50 day update!

The lip products I’ve used so far during #100lippydays

Woohoo 50 days in to #100lippydays! Above are all the lip products I’ve worn so far. And below are the new Lipstick Lessons I’ve learned:

  1. Hot pink lipstick suits me. I’ve never ever worn pink lipstick (or indeed pink anything) and would never have thought of wearing hot pink if it wasn’t in my Sleek lipstick palette. I then found an OCC lip tar I’d been given by a pal ages ago but had tossed aside as not something I’d ever wear. My pink rules remain nothing Barbie or pastel. It needs to be fuchsia but I love how it somehow perks the face up when worn with minimal makeup. 
  2. Grown women can do lipgloss. Lipgloss had gone in to the category of casting away childish things as my preference for a matte lip dominates. I’d forgotten how flattering and easy maintenance lipgloss can be. It’s also perfect in the summer.
  3. I love a dark vampy lip. This year I’ve been very into bright oranges and purples so had forgotten the charms of a dark lip. 
  4. Chubby pencils that don’t annoy me do exist – thank you NARS.  I HATE that you can’t sharpen most chubby style lip products. Then I discovered NARS Velvet matte lip pencils. Aside from loving this colour and adding it to my orange wardrobe, I mostly love that it can be sharpened. 
  5. I’m completely chicken about wearing scarlet red lipstick. I’m not scared of bright, bold statement colours but for some reason I shy away from wearing true red lipstick. Just thinking about it as I write this and my toes are turning inwards. As I’m working my way through the lipstick stash, the reds are daring me to stop being a wuss, woman up and hurry up and wear them. 

Do you have any tips for how to ease myself in to wearing red lipstick?

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