NkNaturals Seasonoils review

Wonderloving 2019: Best Clean & Green Beauty – Oils (Part Two)

Did you read my Wonderloving 2019: Best Clean & Green Beauty (Part One) featuring my pick of the best beauty products I used last year. As promised here is Part Two featuring oils. I am obsessed with oils, using, testing and anointing a helluva lot of them day and night from head to toe. My dry skin and sensitive skin would be like a grouchy crocodile without them.

See below for my pick of the best oils I used in 2018 that keep me radiant and glowing.


Botany Blend Meru Omega Rich Luxe Face Oil

Botany Blend - Meru review

That golden oil colour makes me swoon. Not to mention the swanky square bottle is tres chic. Sustainably produced in small batches in Devon using wild crafted/certified organic ingredients, Botany Blend’s Meru is a gorgeous blend of omega rich jojoba, sacha inchi, safflower and prickly pear with neroli and lotus. It smells heavenly, sinks in quickly, and gives a glow that is perfect for my dry skin during the day.

Leahlani Aloha Ambrosia Morning Moisture Elixir


I had heard much love for Hawaii based Leahlani but hadn’t tried anything myself until I received the Leahlani Aloha Ambrosia Morning Moisture Elixir in a Art of Organics (now The Clean Beauty Box) over the summer.  Ambrosia was the food of the Greek gods and this elixir is the stuff of skin heaven. The gossamer light oil blend includes squalene and jojoba oils blended with tropical fruit oils including mangosteen, goji,  passion fruit, kiwi and guava. The joyous scent – think fresh fruit meets fragrant floral from jasmine – is delightful and was perfect as my summer morning moisturiser.  The Leahlani Aloha Ambrosia is one big happy sigh in a bottle.

Lena Wild (previously Wild Beauty Apothecary) Harmony Bloom Oil

Lena Wild Harmony Bloom Oil reviewThe Lena Wild Harmony Bloom oil is a joyous bottle of liquid gold serving serious skin glow. Just looking at the colour brings a smile to my face. The golden oil is a beautiful blend of mostly high linoleic acid oils that make it particularly good for combination, oil and blemish prone skin. For me it is a lovely light yet nourishing oil perfect for daytime use that brings my dry skin to life. Bonus points for the packaging which is recyclable and tree free made from reusing cotton.

NK Naturals SeasonOils

NkNaturals Seasonoils review

NK Naturals SeasonOils collection was a standout for me with each seasonal oil drop making my heart skip a beat. Each breathtaking batch designed to treat skin’s particular needs each season using all natural, high quality organic and wildcrafted plant oils and botanical extracts. The breathtaking, glorious colours and textures made these a joy to use.  Small batch, hand blended in London, only a limited number of these oils are available each season and at £15 for 15ml they are a steal. Run don’t walk to nab a bottle.

Sofia Latif Face Oil 

Sofia Latif face oil review

Fellow oil junkie, blogger and pal Sofia launched her own skincare line featuring this oil in 2018. On receiving this bottle, I felt extremely proud mixed with a soupçon of nervousness in case I didn’t like it. Well nothing to fear – the Sofia Latif Face Oil is an absolutely gorgeous blend of cold-pressed and solvent-free almond, rosehip, marula, moringa and pomegranate oils. The oil has a silky texture that sinks in quickly, a heavenly scent of heady jasmine and rose, and the serious glow it gives my skin, make this a pleasure to use.  Also love that each purchase helps support microloans to female business owners in need.

wonderloving best daytime oils



Bodhi & Birch Super25 Botanical Serum


The beautifully formulated Bodhi & Birch Superfoods Series capsule collection of five products was my favourite skincare launch of 2018 and the Super25 Botanical Serum was my star of the shown. The exquisite skin elixir was brimming with 25 (hence the name) of the most nourishing superfood oils and botanical extracts from all over the globe. Fellow oil obsessives I’m sure will geek over the ingredients list like I did. One departure from the main Bodhi & Birch line is the scent. Where that is elegantly crafted, this is very much au naturale from the ingredients themselves with no added essential oils. The notes that leap to my nose when I use the Super25 serum are first a mild marzipan then berry with a hint of spice.  You can feel the potency in every drop that touches your skin, literally feeding your face. Skin is left looking and feeling revitalised and radiant.

Essentialle Revival Nectar

Essentialle Revival Nectar review

Essentialle is inspired by herbs from the founder’s Russian heritage as well as botanical remedies from around the globe. I was blown away by how soft my skin felt the morning after I used the Essentialle Revival Nectar for the first time. I kept stroking my cheek! You will want to take your time using this to indulge in the sensual delight of this blend, from the silky texture to the earthy scent of patchouli which has had the hippie edges rubbed off and feels like pulling cashmere around you. And did I mention how unbelievably soft it left my skin.

Inner Senses Rose Precious Facial Oil

Inner Senses Rose Precious Facial Oil review

I’m a roseaholic with a penchant for rose scented oils. Not all rose oils are created equally though and I can count on my fingers the number I’ve tried and loved. This Inner Senses Rose Facial Oil has joined the list. It has a bewitching, spicy rose scent thanks to real rose extract as well as rose damascena oil in a rich blend that also includes camellia, hemp, argan, jojoba and avocado. Perfect for giving dry and parched skin a glorious glow.

Nini Organics Moonlight Nectar

Nini Organics Moonlight Nectar review

When winter was trying to do its worse to my skin, the Nini Organics Moonlight Nectar came to my rescue.  The sumptuous blend including deeply hydrating and repairing sea buckthorn, pomegranate, moringa and chia seed oils was my skin’s BFF. A few drops of the rich nectar applied at night guaranteed sweet skin dreams.

wonderloving best nighttime face oils



BEST BODY OIL:  Prim Botanicals The Body Oil

Prim Botanicals oil reviews

Another discovery via the Clean Beauty Box Prim Botanicals hair and body oils were skincare lust at first sight and sniff.  The Prim Botanicals Body Oil grabbed my attention from the moment I read the ingredients list full of nourishing and repairing oils including hazelnut oil, camellia oil and wildcrafted Amazonian oils andiroba and pracaxi. It has a very lightweight dry texture that sinks in very quickly, enrobing the skin like silk lingerie with a tantalising scent that lingers for hours.  The subtle spicy floral fragrance, thanks to jasmine, rose and black pepper essential oils, makes you want to nibble or nuzzle.

Have you used any of these oils and did any make your “best” list? Make sure we’re friends on Instagram where I share the products I’m currently using.

Are you TeamOil or not? What are your faves?


  1. Love MERU it featured in my box collab with Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box for their 1st Birthday last year. So good (huge neroli fan). Love Sofia’s oil and the Prim brand has been on my radar. I’m obsessed with Belenos Skin Botanique at the moment. Their repair serum which was in my Skin Organics Clean Beauty box was amazing. I went on and bought the gorgeous Feng Shui Love Body Oil (a snip at £9). You’ll love!

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