The Real Flower Company review

Stop and Smell The Eco Friendly Flowers

The Real Flower Company

Stop and smell the flowers. Sadly walk into most florists and this isn’t actually possible. Have you noticed that most bunches of flowers have no smell? We instinctively lean in and sniff but are left disappointed. Most commercially grown flowers have had the scent gene removed so they look pretty and last longer but have lost their soul.

Thankfully I’ve recently discovered The Real Flower Company, who are dedicated to growing flowers in all their naturally, joyful glory. The eco-friendly, fairtrade florists grow all their own flowers and foliage sustainably with two farms in the UK and in partnership with one in Kenya. From seed to vase, great care is taken to look after the environment from soil structure to improve soil fertility and worm populations, to wild flower meadows to protect bees and insects and special matting to avoid the use of weed killers.

For rose afficianados it’s also worth noting that Real Flowers has exclusively collaborated with sensationally scented David Austin Roses to offer bouquets.

The Real Flower Company flower box

Bouquets arrive in a dramatic green, ribboned box, ideal for gifting action.

The Real Flower Company review

I was sent The Florist Choice bouquet, which is like a daily special with each selection based on the the pick of the best fresh flowers on any given day.

The Real Flower Co - Florist's Choice

My particular bouquet was bountiful and included an elegant variety of gloriously scented roses, daffodils, mint, rosemary, thistles and eucalyptus. Oh I wish there was smellovision.

The Real Flower Company

All bouquets are hand-tied and available for next day delivery throughout the UK. There’s also a shop in Chelsea which you can pop in to.

David Austin rose

The Real Flower Company eucalyptus

The Real Flower Company review

With Mother’s Day coming up or if you want to treat yourself to fabulous flowers, head over to The Real Flower Company

Do you stop and smell the flowers?

  1. Beautiful arrangements Lynda. You’re right, flowers generally have no scent when they come from the shops, it’s so maddening.
    It’s good to know one can still find flowers with a scent xx

  2. It’s all lies. She will say anything to sell flowers. The Sweetpeas are grown like tomatoes using miles of nylon twine, they are also grown on rockwool, in plastic channels.
    Tons of plastic and rockwool are then sent to landfill every year.
    Chemicals called STS (very bad for the rivers etc as it contains silver) are given to everything to make it last longer – oh and she has no morals whatsoever – Eastern European staff living in dreadful caravans and paying her rent. Don’t be taken in by her.
    A truly untrustworthy woman who will step on anyone to get her 2-bit company into the press

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