Natural Beauty: Therapi Honey Skincare Creating A Beauty Buzz


Bees seem to be creating a lot of beauty buzz at the moment. The wonder powers of honey, long used as an ancient remedy, is increasingly being harnessed in modern skincare products.

Therapi Honey skincare is a new, Soil Association certified, company with the aim of creating natural and organic honey skincare products which are environmentally sustainable.  I’ve been twittering away with the founder Tanya Hawkes so was delighted to meet her in the flesh at the Natural & Organic Product Show recently.

Tanya has spent her working life working with, studying and keeping bees and created Therapi Honey Skincare after three years of research. At least five per cent of profits are donated to bee conservation projects. There can’t be very many people more qualified to create such a skincare range.

Tanya Hawkes, founder, Therapi
Tanya Hawkes, founder, Therapi

The range consists of three incredible smelling collections – rose otto for mature/dry skin, orange blossom for normal skin and lemon & myrtle for combination/oily skin – with the following item in each:

  • Gel cleansers made with 11% honey
  • Toners made with aromatic hydrolats (floral based waters)
  • Moisturisers made with honey, organic oil and plant butters
  • Treatment made with rosehip, rose oils, honey and organic propolis

Tanya mentioned that she has experienced eczema herself  so the products are formulated to contain minimal potential irritants for sensitive skin.  All products are formulated in-house and they contain up to 99% certified organic ingredients of the highest grade available – primarily cold-pressed organic oils, bee products (honey, beeswax and propolis) and active botanical extracts. The entire range is free from SLS, parabens, petrolatum, silicones, formaldehydes, artificial fragrances and colourants – hurrah.

I like the gold accents on the packaging
I like the touch of gold on the packaging

Therapi seems to pay attention to the little details with environmentally friendly materials used in all the packaging. Based on the ingredients list, chic packaging and company philosophy, Therapi looks like a class act that’s right up my skincare street. I’ll be trying the Orange Blossom honey gel cleanser and moisturiser and will report back.

Therapi Orange Blossom honey gel cleanser and moisturiser
Therapi Orange Blossom honey gel cleanser and moisturiser

For more information visit:

For details of how you can win the Therapi Orange Blossom set shown above head over here (closes 23.59pm 27 June 2014 and open to UK residents only).

  1. Honey, an ancient ingredient seems to making an impression all over again. I do like it’s soothing and moisturising properties. I’ve been trying out some honey based products for a blog post I’ve got coming soon so you’ve just added another product to my list.

    1. We always seem to end up coming back to things that have been used since ancient times. I’ll keep an eye out for your post – it’s weird I don’t seem to get on with bee venom type products but honey stuff my skin likes.

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