The Best Natural and Organic Lipsticks To Swap From MAC and More

I’ve been using green beauty from waaaaaaaay before it was called green beauty. Finding fairly simple, all natural products for skincare has been fairly straightforward. After all it’s what we’ve used for most of humanity’s existence.

Makeup however has always been far more of challenge. The formulae, colours and packaging were something I didn’t want to touch with a bargepole! I’ve also mentioned before the particular struggle of finding natural and organic makeup complexion products for darker skin tones. It’s an ongoing challenge though thankfully things are improving all the time.

green beauty swap lipstick

One area that has really upped its game in natural beauty is lipsticks.  Bye bye all those sludgey earth tones, unpleasant waxiness and schoolgirl shimmers.  This is great news for me as you might know I am just a teeny little bit lipstick obsessed. This means I’ve tried a lot of lipsticks and put them to the test.

natural and organic lipstick

Conventional lipsticks can be full of petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic perfumes and artificial colouring. All of which you’re basically eating each time you lick your lips. Not exactly mouthwatering.  With all the natural and organic options out there now though, you don’t need to sacrifice any beauty points.

Seraphine botanical lipgloss

green beauty swap lipsticks


Whatever you taste and budget, there is a natural and organic lipstick to tick that box. I’ve narrowed down the brands that are a good place to start if you’re looking to swap your conventional lipstick for more natural options. These all offer gorgeous pigmentation and performance.

Read on for my pick of the best green beauty lipstick swaps.

If you like budget beauty 

Looking for a natural lipstick that won’t break the bank, try Avril, Benecos, Burt’s Bees and Lavera.

green beauty swap benecos

If you like Tom Ford 

If you’re all about the luxe life and want the packaging to make a statement, try Kjaer Weis and Axiology.


Axiology lipstick

If you like Bobbi Brown 

If you want great quality, elegant wearable colours, try Vapour 

Vapour lipstick

If you like MAC

If you want lots of options and colours, try Bite Beauty, ILIA and Red Apple

bite beauty
Bite Beauty

If you like NARS

If you want serious pigment and style, try Absolution and Nudus.

Processed with Moldiv
Absolution lipsticks

If you like Illamasqua

If you like your makeup to cast a spell, Rituel de Fille is beckoning

Rituel de Fille - Against Nature Forbidden
Rituel de Fille, Against Nature, Forbidden lipstick

If you want Vegan 

If you want Axiology, LippyGirl, Ere Perez, Seraphine Botanicals and Zao are fab options.

If you want Lipgloss

And finally for those of you who prefer lipgloss, try  ILIA (glosses are vegan but you’ll need to check ingredients for the lipsticks), Pacifica (vegan), Seraphine Botanicals (vegan) and Und Gretel.

ILIA Love Buzz lipgloss

I’m collaborating with these bevy of green beauties to share other tips for swapping your beauty staples. So do go and check them out.

Green Beauty Collaborations.JPG

For nail polish tips @greenbeautyandthebrowngirl

For blusher/highlighter tips @greenbeautyglam

For skincare tips @gretalamfel 

For eyeshadow tips @its_glam_jam







  1. Great natural alternatives Lynda!

    I had a look at the ingredients for the Ilia lip gloss in ‘peek a boo’ – really impressive! No carmine (crushed bugs) or lanolin oil (sheep glands). Plus, they use some great food based ingredients like orange peel wax and thyme leaf. I’ll be adding it to my basket!

    These lipstick brands are great recommendations for newbies. It’s always good at the same time to read up a little on ingredients so you can feel confident with your purchasing decisions.

    For any readers looking to go natural (or vegan), we recently posted a piece exposing some lipstick ingredients to avoid. Plus, we discuss future lipstick innovations that will be particularly appealing for green beauty fans!

    Thanks again for these great natural alternative lipstick brands,


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